Dreams to Reality

The Construction Process


Dreams to Reality

Remodeling your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Not only can you keep your home up-to-date as your lifestyle and family needs change, but a remodel can also be a great way to increase the value of your single largest asset. Before the work begins, however, you need to think your project through from start to finish.

Every remodel starts as a thought or idea. But to keep your dream from turning into a nightmare, you need to clearly define the scope of the work you want to accomplish. Look over your project carefully. What improvements would you like to make? Are repairs needed? Are you planning a whole-house renovation, a new kitchen or an updated bath? How about a new master suite or sunroom? And don’t forget to consider future needs in your plans. Careful planning will allow you to update your home, customize your living space to meet your needs and in crease the value of your investment. When it comes to resale value or return on investment, keep in mind that not all remodeling projects are created equal. The general rule of thumb is that any remodeling project that brings your home up to the level of your neighbors’ is worth the investment. It does not pay to be the most expensive house on the block.

Once a basic plan is in place, you need to determine which construction alternative is the best approach for achieving your objective. Depending on your needs and the size and complexity of your remodeling project, there are several different options for you to consider before choosing a course of action. Most remodeling projects are best handled by an experienced professional. Sean Kelly Construction has a referral base of experienced architects, engineers, interior decorators and designers to help. They have the skill and knowledge that comes from years of practical experience.

Whether you are adding a room or converting an existing space, give special thought to the details. The type of lighting required, current and future storage needs, and special appliances and luxury items such as whirlpools, fireplaces, or high-end kitchen appliances are just a few items to consider. If you plan on using a particular brand of product, like a certain brand of windows or countertops, make note of it at this time. These details will impact the design, function and budget of your finished product. More importantly, they will give your home a character all its own. Know what you like and don’t like when it comes to colors and styles, but be open-minded about new ideas and options you have not thought about.

Establish a firm budget for your remodeling project. You don’t want to end up short on cash and not be able to finish your project, nor do you want to end up deep in debt. Sean Kelly Construction will help you with a budget. Working with us can help you get the most for your hard earned dollar. SKC may also know some cost-saving tips that can help you get more for your money. He says, “it’s a good idea to keep 10 percent of your budget in reserve for any unexpected expenses. Unforeseen cost will in evitably arise and you don’t want to be unprepared. The reserve will also protect you should there be a sudden increase in the cost of materials or value added features not in the original plan.

Timing is critical when planning a home improvement project. Be sure to select a start date and an approximate finish date that best fits into you and your contractor’s schedules. Be realistic. If you are remodeling your kitchen and jobs similar in scope take six weeks to complete, don’t expect yours to be done in three. When determining a remodeling schedule, make sure to factor in material delivery times. Custom products like cabinets, countertops and lighting often have lengthy lead times. Before the work begins, ask SKC what inconveniences may occur and plan for them. Proper timing of your job can go a long way towards reducing stress levels and making your job go smoothly.

Put your agreement in writing. We will provide you in our contract a comprehensive description of the project, a payment schedule, a timetable, and the types of products that will be used. The responsibilities of Sean Kelly Construction and any subcontractors will also be described included. The contract will also list provisions for warranties, changes in procedures (Change Orders), and, in case a conflict arises, alternative dispute resolution clauses. In short, it will be a well-written contract clearly spelling out what the customer is getting from the contractor. There will be no gray areas. Please ask questions if you are unclear about exactly what the contract involves. Once the ink is dry, you are ready to begin. SKC is ready to turn the remodeling ideas you have been dreaming about into reality.

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The Construction Process

Definitely Different
At Sean Kelly Construction the construction process is intended to make you, the homeowner, and an active participant. We want you to be part of the process, not a bystander. We don’t pretend to know better than you do about what you want.

Initial Meeting

  • Discuss scope of work/budget. At your home we try to determine your needs.
  • Assess if there is a “good fit” with SKC, client and project.
  • Sean can recommend a selection of architects and engineers that he has a long working relationship with that can help you with designing your new project.
  • Discuss permits and plans. Are the plans approved by the planning dept? This will determine when the job will start
  • Determine if SKC and homeowner want to go to the next step and prepare a proposal.

    Preliminary Questions

  • Do you require product selection and designer services information? SKC suggests at this stage to begin product selections.
  • Review plans with licensed engineer (if necessary)
  • Review design/plans with the architect/subcontractor’s
  • Schedule a walk through with sub-contractors.

    Remodel Agreement

  • A detailed proposal is prepared based upon the specific preliminary plan. This proposal may still include allowances for items yet to be selected.
  • After all subcontractor bids and material pricing are received, SKC prepares a detailed construction proposal scope of work, contract, payment schedule and timeline.
  • Proposal accepted. SKC and the homeowner enter into an agreement.
  • Submit plans for City and building permit(s)

Before Start of Project

  • A detailed scope of work is defined.
  • Have you selected your products and designs? At this stage it is a good idea for the homeowner to have final decisions and selections for the project; cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, countertops, etc. so that SKC can obtain an accurate and final bid from the different trades involved in the project.
  • Review plans with licensed engineer (if necessary)
  • Review design/plans with the architect/subcontractor’s
  • Submit plans to engineering (if necessary)
  • Prepare to submit plans for City and building permit(s)

Project Kickoff

  • Permit issued – obtained prior to start date
  • Confirm schedule, proposal progress payments agreed in contract and the start date with client
  • Introduce client to project team
  • Review job site preparation & clean-up plan

    Pre-construction meeting
    SKC will meet the foreman and lead carpenter responsible for your project and review the specifications sheets, plans and schedule.

    "Construction Zone," we keep the disruption to your daily life at a minimum. Our production crew works 40 hours a week until project is completed. Quality, cleanliness, communication and timeliness receive top priority.
    A list of suppliers with showrooms is provided for selections (cabinets, flooring, countertops, plumbing fixtures, etc.)

    Change orders
    Cost approved by you prior to start of work.

    Certificate of completion
    Signed by you. Final walk-through & "after" photographs - Any details that need further attention are handled immediately

    One year warranty begins

    Project Review
    Review progress with the client (ongoing). SKC and the homeowner should agree on weekly or bi-monthly meeting. Keeping the homeowner aware of the scope of work is essential for a successful remodel.

    Project Closeout

  • Production completes remaining final “punch-list” items
  • Final closeout meeting scheduled with client




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